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Poster Session Submissions – Multilingual Phonology




Mohammad Anani University of Paris The Need for a Polysytemic Approach
Jason Brown & Sam Mandal University of Auckland & MARCS Institute, University of Western Sydney Two Phonologies are Better Than One
Delin Deng University of Florida A Pilot study of Stop Consonants in Albertan French in Canada
Jiwon Hwang & Yu-an Lu Stony Brook University & National Chiao Tung University Positional Asymmetry in Phoneme Substitution in Second Language Learning
Yuwen Lai, Ksenia Bogomolets & Yulia Liatambur National Chiao Tung University, University of Connecticut & National Chiao Tung University Acoustic Variability on Perception of Mandarin Tones by L2 Learners
Chenchen Peng Kobe University Effective Chinese Kanji-learning for Native Japanese using isomorphic and synonyms
Antje Stoehr, Titia Benders, Paula Fikkert, Janet van Heil Radboud University Nijmegen/IMPRS for Language Sciences, University of Newcastle, Radboud University Nijmegen,  Pennsylvania State University Bilingual acquisition of voicing categories: Do bilingual children mirror their bilingual parents?
Tristan Thorne Columbia Name Use Strategies and Beliefs of East Asian Adults
Mehmet Yavas Florida International University Factors in the acquisition of English laterals by Spanish-English bilinguals


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