Conference on the Feature – 2013

//Conference on the Feature – 2013
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CUNY MA/PhD Program in Linguistics, in collaboration with the CUNY Phonology Forum, cosponsored the CUNY Conference on the Feature in Phonology and Phonetics, January 16-18, 2013.

The conference also featured two special sessions, a tribute to Morris Halle and a session dedicated to the memory of Nick Clements.

Below find some of the issues relating to the feature in phonology that were addressed at the conference:

  • Do features exist? If they exist, at what level of representation? Are they mental entities? Do they inhere in the vocal tract?
  • Where do features come from?
  • What is the role of contrast in defining or explaining phonological features?
  • Are features the smallest, indivisible units of phonology?
  • Are they divisible into yet smaller, atomic units?
  • Are features merely convenient classificatory fictions?
  • Is the principle of features in phonology an instance of a broader phenomenon?
  • Do features inhere in segments, nodes of a prosodic hierarchy, or what?
  • What principles guide the organization of features?
  • What aspects of features are referred to by morphological and phonological rules/constraints?
  • How do phonetic features relate to phonological features (and vice versa)?
  • What role is played by features in human cognition?
  • Are phonological features uniquely human?
  • What is the neural representation of features?


2013 Conference Program



Chuck Cairns, CUNY, and Eric Raimy University of Wisconsin