Welcome to the CUNY Phonology Forum

Welcome to the CUNY Phonology Forum
Welcome to the CUNY Phonology Forum 2016-02-02T17:24:22+00:00

The CUNY Phonology Forum – Conference on Sonority was held at the Graduate Center from January 14-15, 2016. Please check out the Sonority Conference Page for abstracts and available handouts.


The CUNY Phonology Forum is devoted to the promotion of healthy discussion and fruitful pursuit of foundational questions in phonology. Toward that end, the CUNY MA/PhD Program in Linguistics, in collaboration with the Forum, organizes conferences and makes the ideas and information developed in them available to the scholarly community. Since its inception in 2003, the Forum has organized eight such conferences, the most recent of which was in January 2012; their results are available on this web site.

One of the Forum’s strategies for developing useful discussions is to organize the conferences around specific topics within phonology, and to invite and encourage participation from scholars who look at each topic from a variety of perspectives. For example, the January 2007 conference addressed precedence relations (i.e., any aspect of temporal or sequential relationships) among phonological and/or phonetic elements; there were presentations in several subdivisions of cognitive science, such as formal linguistics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, psychology, etc. The conferences are organized so as to attract scholars whose ideas are broadly within the penumbra of the topic of each conference. The goal of each is to explore some specific aspect of the sound structure of human language as broadly and deeply as possible.

These conferences are held at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan and typically take place Wednesday through Friday of the week before Martin Luther King day, which is always the third Monday in January.