Conference on the Word – 2010

//Conference on the Word – 2010
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The CUNY Phonology Forum Conference on the Word was hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center Linguistics Program on January 14th -16th, 2010.

The central topic for this conference centered around the Word in Phonology. Some of the issues which were addressed include:

  • Is the word a valid concept?
  • Is the word the same entity as the phonological word?
  • Is the word hierarchically superordinate to feet and/or syllables?
  • What is the internal structure of the word?
  • What principles determine word structure?
  • What aspects of the word are relevant to rhyme and meter?
  • How do psycholinguistic processes interact with the linguist’s word?
  • How do morphological and phonological rules/constraints refer to the word?
  • Does the word exist at different levels of phonology and phonetics?

2010 Conference Program

You can find the abstracts, papers, and audio files for all the talks listed below by speaker.